Meet Msinsi Team

ABOUT US: Msinsi Travels is more than just another travel agency. We are a group of young black women who pride themselves in personal attention and incomparable customer service to each client.

So whether you are a huge corporation booking hundreds of flights every month, a family looking forward to a annual holiday getaway, or a fresh-out-of-school adventurer – ready to take on the world – we take each guest, and each itinerary very seriously. We offer customised itineraries to many destinations; locally and internationally.

Msinsi Travels Travel operates in association with SWG Worldwide Group Travel, which provides the administrative support, technology, IATA license as well as intellectual wealth and expertise.With over 150 affiliated Independent Travel Companies under the SWG Worldwide Group Travel umbrella, this ensures a buying power large enough to negotiate the best rates and foster cooperative supplier relationships. We are able to offer you a unique travel experience and exceptional customer service, with complete peace of mind.

Msinsi Travels is 100% Black Owned and has more 50% Black Women Ownership. Msinsi Travels is the complete travel solution!



“My name is Aphiwe and I’m the Operations Manager for Msinsi Travels. My responsibility is to ensure that the business is running smoothly from what goes up on social media to our relationships with suppliers; and all of this is done with the help of my amazing, competence and top-notch team. My travel goal is to always to chase the summer and the good vibes, so where there’s a beach and a margarita is where you’ll find me. There are so many beautiful places to see from the beautiful Mozambique islands to the rice fields of Ubud in Bali. Let us open these doors for you and help you explore! After all, we are your passport to the world.”


“Hello my fellow travel enthusiasts, my name is Sindi and I’m the GM (General Manager) for Msinsi Travels – basically the go-to person in our office who makes sure all your travel needs are met.I have six years travel experience in the industry and I’ve travelled to 10 countries (and still counting). If I’m not making calls for the best travel deals with our travel suppliers, you can find me on a beach sipping endless piña coladas. One of my favourite destinations; having travelled a bit I would definitely say has to be Bali – the people are so friendly, the food is amazing, weather is perfect (almost too good to be true) and there is always something new to do and discover everyday.”


“My name is Esethu and I work as the Operations Assistant at Msinsi Travels. If I’m not assisting with maintaining the runnings of the company you can sometimes find me running around a film set or dolling up someone’s face. I’ve always been someone with a heart for travel and I’m always wanting to visit places filled with culture, Eastern Europe was one if those places for me and Bali. Next up on my travel bucket list Mexico, Philippines and Brazil. When you travel you regret nothing but gain so much knowledge.”


“My name is Sheila and I’m the Junior Travel Sales Consultant at Msinsi Travels with a passion of traveling and helping all our adventurous and wanderlust clients explore the world. I’m here to help fulfill your travel needs by connecting you to great and best deals and travel packages, that you cannot be found anywhere. I’m always a person who is up for an adventure and stepping out of my comfort and live by the famous quote “if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try” by Seth Godin. Come visit our offices and let me help plan your next unforgettable adventure!”