5 Black Travel Shows To Check Out

For many years, people have assumed that black people do not travel. However, the wealth of black travel bloggers and television hosts have disproved this idea. Here is a list of 5 Travel shows that will feed your wanderlust while proving that black people do travel.

Big City, Little Budget

This show is one out of the two Facebook Watch shows hosted by Oneika Raymond. Raymon  is an award winning journalist and has been blogging professionally before landing a television show. The show is “Budget- Conscious” meaning it teaches travellers how to make the most of trips to places like Manhattan, San Francisco, and Houston without spending too much money. The show explores different restaurants, accommodations and attractions that are low cost but absolutely breathtaking. 

Mysterious Islands 

Kelle Edwards is known for being a trailblazer among black travel professionals as she was the first black woman to host a show on the travel channel. In her show, Edwards takes on a journey to remote island destinations and introduces the viewers to people with unique and fascinating stories. This show could be found on the travel channel as well as Youtube. 

The Best Place To Be 

Have you ever wanted to know where your favorite celebs go-to spots are? The Best Place To Be, hosted by Queen Latifah, gives us an inside scoop on where  Hollywood’s hottest celebrities like to eat, drink, shop and sightsee in their favorite international destinations. You can find this show on the Travel Network and shorter versions of it can be found on Youtube. 

Ainsley Eats The Streets

As he explains at the beginning of every episode, Ainsley has spent a lot of time working in professional kitchens but never got the opportunity to learn about ‘street’ food. Ainsley Eats The Streets is a Netflix series that follows British chef Ainsley Harriott as he takes a bite into street foods from exotic destinations like Istanbul, Madrid, Osaka, and Barbados. As a result, Ainsley Harriott embarks on a mission to explore through local open-air markets around the world in an attempt to grow his culinary knowledge and experience.

No Passport Required

No Passport Required is a six- episode series hosted by chef Marcus Samuelsson. The show offers an anthropological exploration of people, rituals and food in America. He shows that you don’t have to leave your country for a culturally enriching travel experience. In the show he speaks to musicians, poets, chefs, business owners, artists, community leaders and home cooks and analyses  how global cuisine has helped shape the flavor and cultural landscapes of cities around America. 

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