4 Ways To Afford A Post-Lockdown Vacation

  1. Try travel in or around your city it may not be the international holiday that you were looking but trust me when I say that there are hidden gems right in front of your doorstep that you didn’t even know about.
Top 10 Durban's Astonishing Tourist Attractions | Durban south ...

2. Try camping this is a cheaper and greater alternative than booking a hotel. Some might argue that camping is just not their thing but if you are a lover of the outdoor why not try it.

500+ Camping Images [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

3. Try booking self-catering apartments with a full kitchenette, that way you can enjoy the feeling of being on holiday but still save money by not eating out.

Self Catering Apartment in Tsitsikamma

4. Opt for holiday homes were you can split the cost with friends or family this will make your holiday more cost effective.

Holiday Home Rentals - Your Suitable Bungalow or Cottage Cheap Online.

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