How Msinsi Travels Can Assist You During Level 3 Lockdown

We can all agree that in regards to the tourism sector it has been rather unclear on what can and what cannot be done that is why you have us during these uncertain times

It has to be made clear that conferences, events, entertainment activities such as festivals, casinos and leisure travels are still not permitted during level 3, therefore please note all flights that have been released we will not be able to utilise for the above functions.

Airlines such as Mango have set to release flights to start commencing domestically as of the 15th of June we can therefore assist you with domestic flights for business travel as this will be permitted. This also includes car hire as this is a critical enabler of tourism and movement of people. Long distance public transport will also be permitted.
Public and private game reserves have also been opened for self-drive excursions as well as group hiking that will be done under strict regulations that have been given by the department of tourism and health.

Accommodation activities are permitted except if it is for leisure so we can book accommodation for business travel where it is required.
We at, Msinsi travels are certain that travel will grow again above all these uncertain times we will travel again, we will see the world again and we will make your travel dreams come true but for now, let’s start dusting off our luggage bags.

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