5 Ways To Explore The World From Your Home

  1. Learn a new language

This gives you a deeper connection with other cultures I always recommend learning how to stay please, thank you and hello before you travel to a new country you might see it as something small but trust me, it’s appreciated when you are in a foreign country. You can learn languages through movies, TV shows, and even online through virtual learning sites.

2. Cook meals from other countries/cultures

Food is to almost an automatic mood lifter wherever you are feeling down, this is how the term “hangry” started. Most people travel to try out food from different cultures and countries. So why not do it in your own kitchen. Grab a few international cookbooks and find yourself in Mexico enjoying a plate of tacos.

3. Reading travel blogs

Go find your favourite travel blogger or even your favourite travel agencies and get inspired. Travel blogs are more educational than reading travel guides.

4. Create a travel bucket list

Nothing more fun than reminiscing about where you want to go to next. With most borders being closed during this pandemic it is a perfect time to write your dream list. Make a list of where and what you would like to explore in each place.

5. Watch a travel inspired movie

21 Best Travel Movies That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

You’re most likely sitting at home and watching movies anyway so why not be on the lookout for a travel inspired movie and perhaps snack on their local dish. Movies like the famous “ Eat, Pray, Love” will inspire you to head off to Bali so learn how to make “Babi Guling”  or perhaps “Hang Over” for your Bangkok inspired hen’s party. 😉

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