7 Acceptable Reasons For Permitted Travel Between Provinces

South Africa's provinces

As the country eases its lockdown measures it is also allowing for movement of travel but under strict reasoning and rules. Here are some the seven permitted rules for travelling from province to province in South Africa.

  1. Traveling to school meaning students that want to commute to and from school will be free to do so.
  2. Seeking medical treatment: if you are nearer to a hospital that is across a provincial border you are now able to travel across.
  3. Moving house: those of you that are moving to a new place of residence are welcome to travel under level 3.
  4. Movement of children: Parents that are co-parenting can now journey to different provinces to see each caregiver.
  5. Work reasons: Provided that you have a permit you may now cross-provincial borders in a professional capacity.
  6. Care responsibilities: People can now cross-provincial borders to care for immediate families for example if you were stuck in Johannesburg during the lockdown and could not go home to Durban like you would every weekend to take care of your elderly grandmother, you’re now able to do so.
  7. Transporting Mortal Remains: This can only be done under strict medical guidelines, interprovincial travels gives leeway to burials.

Until the South African government shares new developments, the industry for leisure at the moment will remain closed. However, the country will commences travel with level 3 guidelines and rules as from 01st June 2020.  

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