6 Ways to Prevent Skin Breakouts While Traveling

We understand and know that travel isn’t top priority for most people right now but when the time does come again, here are some ways to prevent the dreaded post-flight skin.

  • 1. Moisturise

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more I cannot emphasise how much moisture you need for long haul flights must. Remember you are exposed to heavy air-conditioning for sometimes up to 13 hours on a flight that alone can put a lot of strain on your skin, carry a travel size face moisturiser in your hand luggage and every 2 hours put it on. This is easier you avoid wearing make- up whilst flying. Some of the best moisturisers to carry during a long haul flight are serums and sheet masks.

  • 2. Deep cleansing wipes 

This is important always carry a deep cleansing face wash or wipes that you can use whilst on the flight trust me you won’t look like a “dork” there are a lot of people that do this you still want to get to your destination looking like a million bucks for all those instagram photos.

  • 3. Face mask

Don’t be shy to have one on during the flight, a lot of pharmacy have the deep moisturising face mask that you can whoop on without the admin of mixing ingredients and need a lot of water to wash of any excess products.

  • 4. Non-clogging make up 

Try avoid the heavy coverage makeup whilst travelling that you can do when you arrive at your destination opt for non-clogging oil free coverage.

  • 5. Water 

Drink a lot of water before and during the flight more than what you would usually on a normal day. You need to stay hydrated lack of water will give your skin a lot of strain.

  • 6. Exfoliate before any long haul flight 

It’s essential to exfoliate either a day before your flight or even the morning before your flight to ensure that you don’t have any unnecessary dead skin that will lead to “flight Acne” even if your skin is not acne/pimple prone flying does put unnecessary strain to your skin take necessary precautions to prevent this.

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