Travel Guide: 48 Hours in Dubai

Dubai is known for many things; like having the tallest building in the world, being one of the best sky diving spots in the world, and its mall — which is the largest in the world. So if you get the chance to stop by Dubai next time, here’s what you can do in 48 hours.


First thing’s first; purchase a one day nol pass at the metro station to get around the city. It is relatively cheap, estimated to cost a total amount of R120 which will give you unlimited rides on the metro(train), buses and all trams across all the zones. 

  • Take a tour to Jumeirah Mosque, this is the most photographed Mosque in Dubai and is absolutely exquisite. The tour starts at 10:00am and is about an hour long giving you the rest of the day to explore. 
  • After visiting the Mosque you go out to and grab a light lunch to fill the your stomach before more amazing exploration later.
  • After lunch go skydiving above the Palm Island this tour starts at 2:00pm – what makes this tour extra special is you get the opportunity to see the Palm Island at bird’s eye view.
  • At about 17:00pm catch the sunset by Burj Al Arab, one of the most iconic buildings in Dubai. A night at the hotel could easily cost over R75, 000 so whilst you ponder over that you can chill at the Cove Beach Club for pre-dinner drinks and get a postcard perfect photo near Burj and enjoy a fantastic view.
  • At about 7:00pm dine and shop at Dubai Mall. Whatever you may crave will be there though I have to say ‘Shake Shack’ caught my eye they literally have those postcard looking burgers and fries in real life☺.
  • At about 9:00pm please go at see the Burj Khalifa right next to Dubai Mall, it’s the world’s tallest sky scraper. Then you can call it a day.


  • Rise and shine! Start the day at 8:00am go explore old Dubai and desert adventures, explore the old allies where they sell gold, textiles and spices at a very reasonable price. When you done exploring, catch a ride in an Abra as the locals call it. It is an old wooden boat where you can crossover to Dubai Creek and enjoy the views – it is such an inexpensive experience and so worth it!
  • 12:00pm head to the desert for an Arabian experience and have a dune bashing experience and I hope you haven’t eaten lunch yet because it will be a rocky ride but very worth it.
  • At 3:00pm do a dune sunset experience and take a lovely stroll along the dessert in a 4×4. Along the way you will stop over for a short Falcon show, which is also a national symbol in Dubai
  • End of the day at 5:00pm with a dinner Bedouin style campsite on the desert. Filled with good food, a lot of entertainment such has henna and dancing, it will be an unforgettable cultural experience. Take your special photo with a camel and star gaze for the rest of the night, ending your Dubai experience on high note.☺ 

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